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  1. 1

    Andrea Hu

    It's cheaper to buy a powerbank instead… like the internet caffé was ok until the laptop price dropep, not a great idea…

  2. 2

    multi io

    That's some complicated overengineered crap. Is this meant for people who don't have electricity at home? :O

  3. 3

    Henning Gu

    Honestly this is best thing ever.

  4. 4


    You can also just read a book.

  5. 5


    Or start making bigger phones you fucks. Who cares how slim it is give me 3 batteries.

  6. 6

    SilkSatin Paradise

    IPhone chargers should be renamed to Apple Juicers

  7. 8

    OG Vendetta

    Just like rental bikes. It was a major failure in China.

  8. 9

    Tony Music

    England doesn't have a kidney bank but it has a Liverpool

  9. 10

    Steven Welch

    So they charge you money while (they steal all the info and pictures and passwords from your phone) …hmm charge your phone battery

  10. 12

    Greg Boonie

    that chinese battery is great for unreliable homeless people ! lmao

  11. 14

    Abu Anas

    U can't use this battery if u r out of charge on ur phone. How lame is this?

  12. 16

    Kevin Bhasi

    I have a feeling this won't really work in some countries… Just saying…

  13. 17

    Yahtadi Shidiq

    I will go to china, buy a bunch of crap android phone, take all those tiny powerbank, ditch all phones, pack all of powerbanks and get the hell out of there

    Just for the sake of what-the …

  14. 18

    S-M Robinson

    I've lived in China. There are actual outlets in which you can plug in things. Who the hell would use this?

  15. 19

    Donghyun Lim

    Oh my god how "basic" is this. Stop saying basically lol.

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