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  1. 1

    Cletus The Stud

    VR is the best thing we have ever made in entertainment

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Brandon Moore

    To that second guy, speak for yourself! I would totally spend 200 hours in skyrim in VR.

  4. 4


    VR is amazing, was hesitant at first but now I'm hooked.

  5. 5

    Tuvshinbat Sundui

    like microsoft halolens or aerosmith amazing ..//?????????????????

  6. 6

    Edgar Lindo

    The only way vr will accept by the masses when evrybody can afford vr headset from now only those who have money can afford vr cause its expensive to buy an HTC or Occulust

  7. 7


    that first guy had a huge forehead lol

  8. 8


    what bullshit. i say VR is dying. VR needs a huge boost in resolution and games need to be way more immersive with some big names behind them before VR can really take off. right now its just an expensive toy. don't get me wrong. i love VR. i got the most expensive one in hopes of showing there is consumer interest for quality VR. im just tired of this fake hype. makes the VR community look like a bunch delusional fools having the same excited reaction every time they spin a fidget spinner. give me new mechanics! give me new tech! NEXT!

  9. 10


    I don't think it will be TRUE VR until we have a working Computer/Brain Interface. CBIs will get us to the Holodeck in short order. However, that's likely 10 to 15 years down the road.

  10. 11

    Ethan H.

    The future of VR is a price drop so people can actually try it

  11. 12


    VR is here and won't go anywhere. It's not only useful in games, but also in psychology, mechanic, medicine. Such arguments like "I don't want to play 200+ hours games in VR"…mate, you don't need to. Then play another game in VR where you have that experience you want to have. I got a Vive, so I might be biased. But I hear a lot of people talking negative about VR, who never have tried at least an hour with some games. Of course, the one showing you the games, need to be selected. There is a lot of garbage around. But a simple puzzle game like "Form" in VR already is amazing.

  12. 13

    Paradise Decay

    VR is a gimmick………… what an idiot! lol – people are crying out for more hours in VR. We are getting fed up of short experiences.

  13. 14


    Current VR is amazing and yet this is the lamest VR is ever going to be. From here it only gets better and better.

  14. 18


    My PSVR is great but it really needs a sharper image. My eyes get tired after a while trying to focus. Whether resolution is the key or some other technique , when it happens I think the AAA devs will get on board pretty quickly.

  15. 19


    All this will be mute when magic leap will flood the world, with a big emphasis on 'when'.

  16. 20

    Meow Meow

    future of VR? easy. 2020, Nerve Gear SAO LOL

  17. 21

    Сергей Л.

    Unfortunately, you are killing your eyesight by using VR.

  18. 22

    Sourabh Samal

    VR in terms of hardware is worst. Stop focusing on content, focus on hardware.

  19. 23


    I can't wait till VR is super realistic.

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