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  1. 1

    Hernane Jr. Padilla

    i just cooked.for.her.hahaha.. breakfast to dinner hahahah what… hahaha share only hehehe thankyou for.coming

  2. 2



  3. 5

    Bored Stranger

    You don't say "Philippines fans." "Filipino fans" should be the proper way of putting it.

  4. 8

    Althea Tindugan

    "Sometimes" also became popular here in the Philippines mostly in the teenager like me because of the book "HIs into Her" by maxinejiji

  5. 9

    Prince Castillo

    Pls next christina aguilera in phil with her new album plss

  6. 10

    rebs18_02 Heavns

    Filipinos are like the most commited,craziest and fun fans you'll ever imagine. We get hyped to anything. So watch out. You mess with one of us and you mess with all of us.

  7. 11


    It's nice to see a crowd of people singing a song that had never been truly performed live
    and will remain like that for as long as certain someone lives … ironic, don't you think?

  8. 14


    Mine are Work B**ch, Me Against the Music, Liar, I wanna go. And Oops

  9. 16

    Sole Arevalo

    I have over 30 songs, Britney is legendary

  10. 17

    Dawn Hope Ramayrat

    more than i waa born. love you Britney

  11. 18

    Dawn Hope Ramayrat

    we DO love Britney here sooooooooo much in the Philippines since i was born!!!! 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. 19

    r c

    Filipino fans are always the best 👌

  13. 20

    Lern Sergio

    Filipinos are very passionate when it comes to music

  14. 21

    Angela Villariaz

    I was crying while singing to this, watching that video

  15. 22

    whizzard blizzard

    Peep that FROOT vinyl.🍏🍋🍇🍒🍍

  16. 23

    Bill Reyes

    naalala ko si Deib lohr 😂

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