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  1. 1

    febby sapulete

    Even if one day more kpop artists gain recognition from American public, the name BTS will remain in the history. Love you to the moon and back, boys!!!
    I can pass the story to my children one day that i was a proud ARMY!

  2. 2


    My favorite is Jimmy Kimmel 😍😍

  3. 4

    X Oen

    My favorite so far is definitely their interview with Zach Sang

  4. 6

    bts jjang

    Ellen! But it was too short T.T I want more

  5. 7

    Abha Sharmã

    That was late late night show they all r sleeping english as namjoon was at first speak enhlish quite well but the other r umoroving to and jimin ,jin ,v those r improving their english to eventhought Our Maknae jungkook didn't say much but they r look so cute and they not even on television appreheance they r also on many radio like mario lopez , Ran and etc . They r on turkish to they r gaining so much popularity hawiting b.t.s hawithing ARMY

  6. 9

    Sandara Kang

    does someone know a link for the whole ellen ep with BTS a site where I don t have to create an account? Would be really much appreciated

  7. 10

    tala haj yahia

    واه واه واه واه وااااا

  8. 12


    Please Take care in Hong Kong .😻 Love 💗BTS.😁

  9. 15

    Lorita SWAV

    Hailee Steinfeld ,alesso let me go cover with lyric video (you'll be stunned) https://youtu.be/pCEmHsXrCpU

  10. 16

    taehyung's dangly earring in the DNA MV

    I was in the standby line for Ellen too! We were put in the riff raff room backstage and they came by to say hi to us for a few minutes it was the best moment I've ever had in my life and I cried afterwards while they performed DNA

  11. 17
  12. 19

    B MlpAnime Fan

    ALL OF THEMMMM!!! IM SO PROUD!!! Wish they’d come to Colombia though

  13. 20

    CoolCat ChimChim


  14. 21

    Mindful Isabelle

    I love them all. They are different .

  15. 22

    Ciara 27

    You guys and Clevver news are starting to make all your vids about bts

  16. 23


    When will Corden's episode air and what channel is it on?

  17. 24

    Grecia Castro

    @Billboard- in kpop we call it BOYGROUP, NOT boyband..

  18. 25

    Rap monster’s name is now RM

    I’m pretty sure there will be hundreds of new armies joining the fandom. Thumbs up if you’re an “old” army😂

  19. 26

    Super Pidstuu

    0:02 i was already attacked.. Hobi.. 😍❤

  20. 27


    BTS with the mess !! BTS with the mess !! Why ? Because they made BTS laughed hard during that time.

  21. 29

    luna chappell

    My favorite is a tie between all the red carpet interviews and BTS being at the amas and then be on The Ellen Show which just makes me so happy

  22. 30
  23. 31

    Stay Lifted

    BTS WITH THE MESS!!! (It looked like the boys had a lot of fun in that interview!)

  24. 32

    Jelly Jams

    When was BTS on with James Corden? did it pass already?

  25. 33

    maria b.

    will the video from late late show be uploaded on youtube? i really wanna see iit! 🙁

  26. 37

    Marta BTS ARMY

    I want to see the sing along with BTS and ARMY on ELLEN😭

  27. 38

    Marta BTS ARMY

    I'm sorry Jungkook…but your face on one of the pictures from Jimmy Kimmel concert😂 such a adorable meme❤

  28. 39

    Lizzy Hope

    J-Hope,I love u😍😍😍😂

  29. 42

    sweet muffin

    like was that even a question???

  30. 44

    Alysson Turner This Is Us

    My favorite appearance by them was all of them. I cant really chose cause i enjoyed it all expecially the AMA. But i feel like they should have at least gotten a speech. BTS ARMY'S dont usually focus on the negative side of them comig to America. But sometimes you just have to. I dont like that people kept asking if they had ever dated any ARMY's. But no one has asked about their collaboration with UNICEF. But i wont complain cause they did ask them about how they learned english and how important and meaningful tgeir song lyrics are. But i am glad that they said themselves that they dont need anyone because they have ARMY but i know they need someone because everyone needs love. But i just hope their next interview someone asks meanigful questions.

  31. 45

    Sara Marinko

    When is the late late show with James corden featuring them airing?

  32. 46

    Taylor Hoff

    I really enjoyed Bts' performance on Ellen. 💙

  33. 47

    Tessie ARMY

    The interview with the Mess!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  34. 48

    Jhay Ar

    Ellen is the best…but I watched all of their guestings and were so happy and thankful we love BTS so much

  35. 49

    Luciel Aeon

    Billboard is a part of the ARMY now? Cool.

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