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  1. 1


    BTS are just REALLY REALLY REALLY special!! there's just something very special about this band!

  2. 5

    Prazzy Jazzy

    So proud of the legendary kpop groups that have opened the door for foreign music in general. Proud of BTS for being added to the small but growing list. Despite all the negativity associated with ARMY's, all kpop fandoms pulled together and helped BTS regardless of past "fanwars". Hopefully this togetherness will continue even after voting stops. ARMY's now have worldwide recognition as the most dedicated fandom. <3

  3. 6


    I am really proud of having helped to make this possible, but I'm even more proud of our boys. They deserved this award so so much. <3<3<3 Love them!

  4. 7

    J.-Army S.

    This video makes me so happy. I love it. Thank you BILLBOARD!!! ARMY LOVES YOU!!

  5. 9

    Don't Park jimin

    army will always support bts to t fullest !! 🙌🙌🙌

  6. 10

    mochi park chimchim


  7. 12

    kady Bangtanlover

    i hope you'll let them perform next year cause we for sure are gonna work hard to get them the award to make all their dreams come true cause we love them so much

  8. 14


    ARMY HERE!!! but also a VIP! loved the Big Bang shout out!! <3

  9. 15

    Sruti C ranjith

    yaaaasss!! love yu bts! 😘😘

  10. 16

    Omayma Berraadi

    teahyung oppa ❤ 😊😍😍fighting

  11. 18


    army's gonna fight for these boys no matter what 😊😍

  12. 19

    Grecia Castro

    Yes !! I hope to see BTS, next year @Billboards!!!! And kevin! Thank u soo much for the more in depth explanation about other groups! It looks like u did ur research.. ;D

  13. 21

    J-Hope is dope hence J-Dope

    No matter how many other artists were before them on American award shows, Army and BTS have this amazing connection and bond thats never gonna go away. I know BTS has helped a lot of their fans and they work together as a group to give their best performances and true selves to their fans. They ain't afraid to be who they are! BTS are so special in many ways that it wasn't even hard to believe that they won the Top Social Artist Award and are continuously getting recognized by other western artists! They are humble and they are my inspiration! Bangtansonyeondan fighting!!<3

  14. 22

    Bts stan


  15. 24

    V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology

    I'm devoted to them because they're the hardest working group of individuals. Even when they're not working they are. As an A.R.M.Y. I will do everything in my power to see that they rise as high as humanly possible and to protect them from anything that might harm them.

  16. 25

    Sadashya Bisht

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 SO PROUD

  17. 26

    Christina Olds

    I am a 65 year-old diehard k-pop fan after discovering BigBang and Rain (and EXO, GOT7, Super Junior and ALL) five years ago. They changed my life. THEN I found my way to BTS at the end of 2015 and became an instant ARMY. There is NO going back. These boys are so wonderful in every way and I TOOK MYSELF TO THE BBMAs!!!!!!!!! Saw them on the magenta carpet and had a great seat over to their right in section 15. So many people around me were looking at me like I was crazy. Who is this old lady screaming and jumping up and down? It be me! And it will always be. All of us there were crying. And all ARMYs around the world gave this gift of love to these talented angels who shine their light on all of us. WOW – what an experience. It's now Thursday and I'm still grinning like an idiot.

  18. 27
  19. 28

    -Varita- Zhebornova

    Thank you for making this video! As a proud Army, big thanks you!

  20. 29

    Wannabe Celeste infires Strong power thank you

    Please don't say Kpop Global fandom. I'm so embarrassed of other fandoms, especially the 'united' thing. Gross.

    P.S thank you for the ones who voted tho, you count as a part of us now lol

  21. 30

    Phillip Gragg

    They've come so far I'm tearin up man😪🤘🏾

  22. 31



  23. 32

    marie garfield

    words can't express the joys, tears, and excitement when BTS won. They truly deserves the award.

  24. 33


    I am just so proud of them, and very happy for them. I will always support them and have been since 2014.

  25. 34

    Chocolate Kookie

    Is it just me or everytime Im seeing Foreign News Talking about how Popular BTS is I always Remember them being Themselves like their Inside Jokes their Sillyness and Everything about them when they're still not popular as how popular they are now , What I Mean Is AMERICAN HUSTLE LIFE MAN 😂

  26. 35

    Imaan Chilwan

    I'm so proud of BTS & ARMY 💖 We really are flying ~

  27. 36

    jee - hye

    Wahhh I'm so happy I watched them grow up and become famous from not affording actors for I need u to winning a freaking bbma's award and now everybody is talking about them true that they are not our little secret anymore but I'm happy for them I even fucking cried when they won it was 3am in my country and I was screaming my throat out till my mom hit me with a slipper but hey it was worth it #army4life

  28. 38

    Monica The Magnificent

    US BTS A.R.M.Y. here!!! I have been following KPop for 10 years and fell in love with Bangtan Sonyeondan as soon as I heard them.
    Even though I loved KPop for 10 years I didn't become part of any fandom until 2013 when BTS debuted. There was just something about their music that was different. Mind you, I speak zero Korean and I hardly ever look up the lyrics to songs because you can usually tell what the song is about from the tone, style, and music video. During this time in my life I was in a bad place. I was dealing with PTSD. I had thoughts of killing myself and had actually attempted once and failed. I started to listened to KPop to distract me. It was fun and catchy and most of it was like the majority of pop music today (only about the surface stuff like dating, partying, being gangsta), I didn't have to think, didn't have to feel, I just danced around in my living room blasting music and avoiding my pain. Then BTS debuted and their songs were different, there was something deeper, something below the surface, I felt something, something genuine. Even though I didn't know what they were saying their music spoke to me. I had to know who they were, had to know what they were about! I listened to their music and cried and after listening to their music for days and days I finally looked up some of the lyrics and cried even more because everything I had felt while listening to their songs was exactly what the lyrics were about! It was a miraculous moment! Everything I was going through, everything I needed to hear, it was as if BTS wrote their songs just for me. Guys seriously, this sounds ridiculous but BTS saved my life. I latched onto them, their light, their hope. I held on tight. I was not alone. Because I was so grateful to these Bulletproof Boy Scouts, I started getting to know each member. Because they were just a small company they didn't have the regulated media like groups signed with the big three do. They humbly opened themselves up to us all on social media sharing their personal thoughts, feelings, struggles… we truly got to know them, be a part of their journey in a more intimate way than any other group before them. And they genuinely love their fans. They work so hard to be the best and to spread hope and light. So that is why I am A.R.M.Y. and why I am a huge supporter of KPop and groups that I know are going to be a good impact on the world.

    After watching history be made Sunday at the BBMAs in Vegas, I am so excited to see what is next. Will we finally see more KPop in the US and around the globe? Maybe we will finally get KPop on the radio!!!

    It is so hard to be a fan in the USA. Even though it was so amazing to see BTS win on Sunday it has also got me worried there will be more hate towards KPop fans and more racism… it's just music for crying out loud! Most states only play English on the radio (like here) or English and Spanish. People look down on me for listening to something that isn't in English. BTS winning the Top Social Media award was like a miracle to US fans. Now is the time to show how much KPop means to listeners across America. This music goes beyond borders. Where US pop music is usually about partying, sex, drugs, and romance, the music BTS gives us is more meaningful, full of good messages, real struggles, real hardships, real life! And hope! We are not alone!

    Bangtan Sonyeondan really has so much impact, so much light to shine. I am so happy to have been A.R.M.Y. since their debut and to have shared a moment in history with these beautiful boys. And I appreciate all the media taking so much care with the interviews and addressing the fans correctly as A.R.M.Y. and also recognizing that there are a lot of fans here in America. Thank you. We love KPop! Maybe the music industry will be more open to KPop in general now (and Jpop and Cpop and… let's not get ahead of ourselves).

    Thank you BBMAs for having invited our boys and A.R.M.Y. for your love and support. It has made a window of opportunity for us all. So glad that it was BTS who stepped through it. We couldn't ask for a better group to lead the way!!!

    🔥💪💚 화이팅! Hwaiting! Fighting!

  29. 39

    Monica The Magnificent

    Wow yeah RAIN, BIGGBANG, AND GG ARE LIKE SUPER AMAZING! And have been big hits here in the US.
    So cool they are mentioning this and reminding Americans that KPop is not new to us. Some of you just aren't into it. But for the ones of us who are, I hope you stop looking down on us for listening to music in another language and take our fandoms seriously. I mean you all love the famous Spanish speaking artists so what's the difference? Music is a universal language. Let us love our favorite genre without being hurtful. Let KPop play on the radio. Let's all love one another and make this world a better place. Music inspires this. Let's listen together.

  30. 40

    Starry Night

    As a public relations/media management student, I find the appeal of the k-wave so fascinating. There are so many factors but the biggest factor would have to be the internet and how people from around the world are able to interact with kpop and each other. I've been a fan since ''09 and I remember when the golden wave took off. people were having kpop flash mobs in front of the Eiffel tower. in St Petersburg square just everywhere. Its been a crazy ride but I'm glad to be apart of it 🙂

  31. 41

    Qween K

    Screaming I LOVE BTS! all the way from Mississippi!!

  32. 42
  33. 43

    vanessa Mendez tlapaya


  34. 45

    Giovana Sandoval

    My friends when they see this:
    OMG MY BOYS RIGHT THERE*screams*ARMY FOR LIFE!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
    fate to the floor
    My Friends:
    Who is going to call 911 this time?

  35. 47

    Angela Richardson

    I am a proud Mama ARMY, BTS are my #1 ultimate Bias group also, I'm multi-fandom.

    I voted for BTS as much as I could and along with all the others I'm overwhelmed with how many votes were cast in total. I already believed they had the win in the bag but still needed to see the evidence with my own eyes! It was ab EPIC scene ARMY shouting in support and BTS being humble, professional, classy and adorable:)
    My BTS babies won a Billboard Award it does matter that it was Top Social Award for that is an exceptional feat for any artist. Beilebers considered this award that their idolJustin Bieber won without much opposition for 6 years straight a big deal and now, so do ARMY! I mean, BillBoard is a world Wide music chart and many music fans recognize making it on that list even as a nomination as remarkable. It's beyond Awesome that BTS took home the Top Social Award this year but next year 2018 BTS as well as ARMY want to see them actually perform on the show!

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