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  1. 2

    Krissia Arana Lopez

    Also blood, sweat and tears , save me, butterfly, and run! Love those ( and now mic drop and DNA)

  2. 3


    I am pretty new to K-Pop music in general (I maybe have only been listening to K-Pop songs here and there for 2 years) but I have been listening to BTS since the Wings era. At first I just loved the way their music sounded because it is so different from other K-Pop music I’ve heard before, but I’ll admit, it wasn’t until I put the captions on to “DNA” and then and all their other music videos that I became an ARMY. Their music has a strong message, and their words are very poetic, and they write their own music!

  3. 4

    Shal Carter

    Definitely not. I love it but i love a lot other more. Id have to say Spine Breaker, Dope, House of Cards and Tomorrow are my main favorites along with Cypher pt 3:Killer

  4. 5

    Lee Nicxhoon

    My favorite song is Best Of Me. BTS collaborated with the Chainsmokers on that song

  5. 6

    Putri Huddani

    Converse High, 24/7 = Heaven, One Day, Save Me

  6. 7

    pied piper

    DNA isn’t my fave but it’s lit and I anticipated it so much and wasn’t disappointed (obvious, cause BTS doesn’t disappoint). My favorite title track is probably I Need You, Haruman, Spring Day or War of Hormone. My favorite non-title track is probably Attack On Bangtan or I Like It part 1.

  7. 8

    Minghao's wife

    I mean, you could also turn on the captions of the MV…..

  8. 9

    Randomtime Girllol

    Translators who did it when the song came out says hi

  9. 11

    Canary カナリア


  10. 12

    Wanni Putinagari

    I love all of their song but spring day, young forever, i need u, save me, whalien, are my favorites

  11. 13

    messy roses

    God I stan bts so hard. Favourite song has to be blood sweat and tears or spring day.

  12. 14

    suzanna han

    BTS!!I respect their dedication and these kids worked really hard. JK leaving home at 15 , later comes to American for dance training all by himself, little kids going for his dream,
    These 7 brothers are real.

  13. 15

    Mnemosuki Strauss

    run is their best song tbh
    and well, V's stigma gives me feels

  14. 16

    Mako Shiraishi

    Tomorrow, I Need U, Run, Butterfly and Spring Day all hold a special place in my heart. All of them except Spring Day made me cry rivers while I was in depression and Tomorrow helped me get out. Spring Day came out a couple days before my uncle passed away, so this was the song that hit me the most and I would start bawling just listening to it.

  15. 17

    Prapti Sarkar

    New ARMY! All bts songs are translated by fans and you can find them on Google, YouTube etc. We don't stan them just without knowing the lyrics, yeah? Have fun 🙂

  16. 18

    Jordan Reyer

    You know you can just turn on the english subs on the original video right?

  17. 19

    Latifah Oz

    21St century girls would be my favourite BTS till now

  18. 20

    Xol _My_Se

    But….i can't choose my fav song..i love all of their songs

  19. 21

    Xol _My_Se


  20. 22

    Iro Fotini

    guys check out BTS mic drop ft Steve Aoki

  21. 23

    Samantha Plays

    That wasn’t a very good translation also definetly AUgsT d’s entire mixtape is amazing

  22. 24

    YKWIW 22

    Why would they make this video? The MV is subbed tf?
    But uh thanks

  23. 26

    deema nidal

    you do know that all bts songs since their debut popular or not has been translated into English and a lot of other languages and that is not including interviews, vlive, bangtan bombs and every time bts says a word in Korean so…yeah we've got covered don't worry

  24. 28


    all BTS songs are my favorite since their debut !!

  25. 29

    Monserrat Soria

    I love dope it will always have a special place in my heart since it’s the first song I ever heard from them n made me into n army but I love fire especially for what the song is about

  26. 30

    Izzah Athirah

    I already loves the starting statement he made.. 'Living in a rock if you dont know bts' true tho😂😂

  27. 31

    Rabia N. Yıldırım

    DNA is a great song and I listen to it almost every day but my all time favourite BTS song is Dead Leaves🍂 I just loovveee that song that I can not even describe my love for it

  28. 32


    Bts-go go, love the song and the dance that goes with it!

  29. 33

    Stacie Tsuha

    The first song I heard from them will always be my favorite. I Need You, their dancing was awesome too.

  30. 34

    Alexis Baby

    My top 3 would have to be between 4 o'clock by RM and V, Young Forever, and I NEED U

  31. 35

    대박 RM

    looks for wallet
    Have you seen my bag?
    Have you seen my bag?

  32. 38

    Kate K

    "Let Me Know" was the first song I've heard, so it still holds a lot of importance to me. But I also really love "Tomorrow", which is about struggling with who you are and who you want to be and what your future holds, "Young Forever", which is about never losing your youthful spirit, "I Need You", which is melody-like one of my favourites along with "Save Me" and "Run" (also "Spring Day"). They have so many more really good songs that it's hard to chose. The boys are really passionate about their music and pour their heart and soul into it and it shows.
    To new fans who like it more upbeat; check out "Fire", "Bapsae", "Dope", "Danger", "21st century girl". You have a lot to chose from.
    You can look forward to so many great songs :))

  33. 41

    S Z

    Pretty sure all ARMY already know DNAs lyrics. DNA is just one of their many amazing songs.Pretty much all of their songs are meaningful and really deep.

  34. 42


    My favs are Spring Day, Young Forever, Born Singer, 4 O'Clock, For You, Butterfly, and all of the solos from Wings (literally all of them were soooo good). 😊😊😊♥️♥️♥️

  35. 43

    Icy raven

    My fav song? I personally love all of them, but I gotta say Spring Day.

  36. 45


    literally every bts mv has captions for the english lyrics? its so much more easier to turn on captions instead of looking up an article

  37. 46


    my favorite bts song is rain from their first album dark&wild but like no one talks about it

  38. 47


    question: why do you need someone to translate the lyrics of dna for you when they have the english lyrics in the captions on the mv??

  39. 48

    Anne Sachs

    My favorite is an old one…Danger! The song is lit and the choreo is awesome!!

  40. 49

    jacqueline alvarado

    Also you can go to their videos and turn the CC on. 🙂

  41. 50

    Roseanne Sarah

    Real ARMY don't choose their favourite songs, THEY LOVE ALL 🙂

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