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  1. 1

    army imperator

    경축ㆍ2017년 빌보드 탑 소셜 아티스트 수상ㆍ방탄소년단ㆍ대한민국
    congrtulations!.billboard music awards top social artist.bts.KOREA
    -평범한 아미가ㅡ

  2. 2

    Sunny Days

    Represent represent represent!!!!!!

  3. 3

    Altynay E.

    next – VMAs nomination and performance

  4. 6

    Miranda G

    they should preform at the american music awards this year

  5. 7

    Lynn Mitch

    Next = PERFORMING AT BBMA 2018

  6. 8


    Well ARMY, are you happy now?
    That is the 2017 version od Really ARMY?

  7. 10

    Sharmaine Salvador

    what's next?
    They will perform on BBMAs next year!!!!

  8. 11

    Big Fana

    0:47 the tweet under 😂😂 true Thoe

  9. 13

    Rica Mariz Santos

    What's Next for BTS:
    World stadium tour that consist of 30K to 50K armys
    EMA on november
    Grammy nomination?
    A performance in BBMA next year

    There's no harm in aiming higher. Let's do our best with everything. Love my FAMdom

  10. 14

    blue heart

    who is salty they didnt perform….

  11. 15

    Giovana Sandoval

    what is next is a good question🤔🤔Im still proud 🤗🤗

  12. 17

    Febbyang Villegas

    Congrats BTS <3 you perfectly do it 😛 Im so proud of you

  13. 18

    Aayusha Upreti

    What is next for BTS
    Performer in BBMA 2017 and streak winner of Top Social Artist Award beating the world record of voting every year….
    For Army
    making BBMA as the concert of BTS through crazy fanchant

  14. 19


    "Well ARMY, are you happy now?"
    Response: Uuuumm…Yes…..kinda….No.
    We didn't get to see them perform. But, no worries. There is always next time. We ARMYs, are going to do more than what we did for this BBMAs. For the next BBMAs, you should expect an increase of ARMYs and chaos. Ugh! It's going to be lovely. I look forward to seeing you again next year. Till next time! Au'revoir, Ciao, Toodles~~~😘😘😘

  15. 20

    Ayu Nayu

    What is next? collabs! with Drake preferably 😂

  16. 21

    Love Live

    Ааааа арми мы лучшие

  17. 23

    lay pooping unicorn belonging to Bts

    lol even my mum was happy and she hates kpop but apparently she hates justin beiber moore! lololo


  18. 24

    Coral Amarillo

    Proud of BTS, they are awesome

  19. 26

    신 허 어

    0:12 somebody seems a little bit salty

  20. 27

    febby sapulete

    performance in billboard stage next year please

  21. 29

    Mekpoper 15

    Yes we are happyyy!!!!
    But the BTS performance we wanted… but super proud & happy for everything from last night. We will make it happen again😍💞🎉✊

  22. 30

    Excuse meee!

    Our boys did it!!! THEY WON! I'm going to say it again. I'm so proud of them!!!!

  23. 31


    I love you bts army where u at?

  24. 32

    Cooki Destroyer

    When they won, I started screaming and my mom just stared at me like I was a weird maniac. But I am so proud of BTS!!

  25. 33

    Jhay Ar

    yes we are so happy for BTS have won!!! We hope that they will reveive more awards in the near future…BTS and ARMIES around the world are like families and we Armies and other fans who supported BTS will keep and continue loving our boys!!! BTS good luck!!!

  26. 34

    ShivaniPlays 24

    0:10 He sounds annoyed. Do you have a problem with ARMY?

  27. 35

    Luna Nicoleta

    I love this family, we did a good job, thank you ARMY 😍
    Let's love and support these angels for a very very long time 💜💜💜

  28. 36


    -They're gonna be on People magazine in the next 2 years
    -They're gonna win a Grammy
    -They're gonna get more nominations next year on the BBMAs

  29. 38


    I couldn't watch the BBMAs last nght, so when I went to school the next day my friend was like "OMG! BTS won!!" and I started screaming and going around everyone saying "THUCK YEAH MY BOIS WON" I regret nothing.

  30. 39
  31. 40

    jennifer christiana

    pls let bts perform next year🙏

  32. 41

    Kyra Ann Dianon

    I wish BTS was given a chance to perform. They are awesome. Billboard should have let them perform!!!

  33. 42

    GoaTie Pie

    Lmao we are taking over the world😋

  34. 43

    P3 Hendry

    I'M HAPPY NOW THANKS YOU BTS ARMY & BBMAs makes this happen

  35. 44

    M. Morgan

    Yes, we're happy now, BUT, don't think this can quiet us down. We're going to be even louder.

  36. 45


    I'm not sorry to tell you kpop trashh that plans of 'character assassination' are being made to DE-popularize the influence of kpop. if we did it to jazz and black people music, we'll do it to yellow people music, and the best part is you won't even realise what is happening until you're all divided. WHITE IS RIGHT! WHITE SUPREMACY!

  37. 46

    Navdeep Kaur

    Well just look at the views of the BTS videos as compared to others….This is ARMY power !!! I still Can't believe that tears welled up in my eyes seeing them take the show !!! am a PROUD ARMY…Thank u BTS for always giving me Happiness….

  38. 47

    Bangtan is friendship goal

    I am just curious, how many tweets and votes that we actualy got….?

  39. 48


    No not happy now you didn't let them perform BUT YAYYYY for winning well dont boys so hype still

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