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  1. 1

    rock GOLD

    this animatronic avatar wii roth like the rest

  2. 2

    PJ SFM

    I never knew Disney bought FNaF.

  3. 3

    Judson Putnii

    it'll be neat when they make one like 30 times bigger

  4. 4
  5. 6


    Looks like something right out of the 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie

  6. 7


    It is so fascinating to see behind the scenes like this! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. 8


    is this the shaman without her skin?

  8. 9

    Irisa Anne

    I want to know how the Avatar(from the queue) that floats in the water.

  9. 10

    Alex Stark

    Wow, so this is what the Navi River Animatronic looks like. Great job guys.

  10. 12

    Eva Warhead

    It's so cool to see her without the "skin". The level of detail is incredible, it's great seeing her in action like this!

  11. 13
  12. 14


    Five night at disney Sorry, cAnt help

  13. 15


    disney should create a robotics company

  14. 16
  15. 17

    Benjamin Faure

    Holy shit these comments are terrible lmao.

  16. 18


    So Boston Dynamics isn't the only impressive company building robots in Disney's case animatronic.

  17. 19


    omg WHY did I just watch this before bed * cries *

  18. 21


    Avatar is such a boring and overrated movie.

  19. 23

    Deff Pluto

    Disney will do anything to feed propaganda onto children's nostalgia

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