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  1. 1

    Der Wille

    GREAT topic to cover so please keep coverage on this subject ⭐⭐⭐

  2. 2


    The retard is back…..the retard is back.

  3. 3


    This guy should fight in a charity boxing match

  4. 4

    The Master

    Have to unsubscribe because of that fuckhead placed on all of your video thumbnails…

  5. 7


    tito u r way too real for this planet

  6. 8


    Take that stupid outfit off fatass.

  7. 9


    Coolest guy ever! More powaaa to ya!

  8. 10


    You Bu ger! – It's an insult to 4:20 to make this 4:20 long.

    Hope your zipper jams.

  9. 11


    Tito what's the deal with the burger shirt?

  10. 12


    tito, you look too fit for that outfit

  11. 14

    abdulmohsen al yaqoot

    TRUMP got roasted by a man wear a pajamas xd

  12. 15


    Dude, I want your job so I can wear my pajamas to work, too*

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