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  1. 1


    TFW you just get out of a 3 hour conference lol

  2. 2

    Joshua Bare

    The best thing about Mac's are running Windows on them. I believe iOS is the best for mobile, but Microsoft has mastered workstations and productivity. I would look into a Microsoft Surface laptop BUT my current laptop has better specs and is 1/2 the price. Soo.

  3. 3

    Ayush Singla

    I think cameraman lost his footage and now Tito is fucking up with him with his bored look and voice.
    And Btw it's MacOS Sierra not iOS Sierra

  4. 4

    Grocery Stores Hate This Man

    From the thumbnail, I thought it was Hurley from Lost. I was greatly dissapointed.

  5. 5


    He sounds so bored in this video 😐

  6. 8


    Regardless of whether it's from a bench in a park or not. It's still a dope roundup!

  7. 9

    Brandon Baisas

    Apple named it HomePod? Kinda sounds more like alien incubator than stylish Apple device. But hey, maybe the name will catch. And gotta say that closing line was great: "coming to you from a bench in the park". Way to rock the news, Tito man and CR crew

  8. 10

    Joseph Stott

    Tito… speaking quite a bit slower than normal. I hope you're not getting sick bro, I love your reports!

  9. 11

    Bill Baran

    What VR would you do on a Mac? And a "pro" tablet? Is for looking at your agenda in a board meeting?

  10. 12

    Jerome khan

    Tito channeling his inner Eckhart Tolle and sitting on a park bench

    Edit: I think apple were being humble and downplaying the Siri update for Ios either they have gone all out and updated Siri or not bothered at all and just improved it for the home speaker thing

  11. 13

    Joel Gilani

    MacOS High Sierra not iOS 😐

  12. 15


    Echo plays music though and its smart

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