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  1. 1


    What a stand up dude man…can he be my manager??!!!!

  2. 2


    Loved it. every minute Put the hunger straight back into my stomach. Really needed this

  3. 4


    Great job, i really like the way you ask questions and pull the story out 🙂

  4. 5


    man chances got the most supportive father ever

  5. 7


    Pat is a true gent. Great feature. They deserve all the success they get!  Im addicted to Complex! Please keep them coming!

  6. 8


    What pisses me off about these guys when they tell stories is they leave out the part that THIS SHIT IS PAY TO PLAY
    They pump you guys up with these success stories and half of you don't realize YOU NEED MONEY TO PROMOTE YOURSELF. EVEN MAJOR ARTISTS HAVE TO PAY TO GO DO A BREAKFAST CLUB INTERVIEW If someone believes in you enough they will put money behind you before you ever even blow up and really get known. That's what a lot these guys don't tell you.

    I work for a recording studio and you know the only artists that are making a buzz have investors behind them??? Not a record deal, but just people that believe in them enough to pay the 1,500 to rent out a venue and do a show ect… I know some of you "d-boys" might read this and think oh that's easy but there are guys like me and my crew that don't turn to illegal shit to make money.

    The other half of this game is knowing the right people …you know… those people you'll never reach unless you fucking grew up with them or knew them before their success.

  7. 10

    Tanece Nicole

    Super inspiring! Especially for someone like me looking to get into artist management. Love this series!

  8. 11

    Anxiety Music

    I think any upcoming song writer should watch these type of interviews before watching the interviews filled with D&D (Drugs & Drama..You can learn so much if you just listen.Salute to Pat for staying true to self.God bless

  9. 12

    andre bryant

    so much I could say about this story but money and influence made this go at the end of the day

  10. 16

    Ryan Taylor

    This channel and series is an example of what this world needs more of. A look inside the way successful people think. The stories and lessons that have been learned by those not afraid to stand out and create a life for themselves!

  11. 18

    Demo Thomas

    Pat you're a Young LEGEND. Start a channel and deliver More of this INSPIRATION !

  12. 19


    25:55 Saw the space Migration Tour… Hadn't heard of him. That MF Chance def turnt the fuck up!!! People lost their fucking minds when he was on stage. Dynamic performer, totally charismatic artist. His fans love them some Chance…

  13. 21

    Landis Burnett

    Love this Blueprint series. It's like a Master Class for OUR Culture. Appreciate this

  14. 22

    justin marin

    This interview made me subscribed to this channel

  15. 23

    justin marin

    This man ask the perfect question that pours the answers out of whoever he interviews …#excellent work !!

  16. 24

    TYLER Johnson

    i never watch videos longer than like 20 minutes, but this was a good one

  17. 25

    Fugget Aboutit

    Amazing i cant wait to be on here one day

  18. 26
  19. 28

    Fresh Daily

    something that was failed to be mentioned: to be able to intern and work for free and learn, somebody aka his parents had to support him. pay his phone bill, gas for car, food, etc. How does someone with no support, feed themselves, get a car, pay bills, pay rent, etc? 

    It's difficult.

  20. 29


    Love these interviews. Great work Complex Hustle

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