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  1. 2

    Nicholas R.L.

    Once upon a time…a young brother, Russell Simmons (Afro-American) from "South Jamaica, Queens" envisioned & built a Record Empire called Def Jam. Somehow, someway "Two Jews" infiltrate…pardon me, "join up" enter… Jew #1 "Rick Rubin" from Lido Beach, NY & Jew#2 "Lyor Cohen" from Los Feliz, CA. Question…How do you all, think this story ends? #illwait

  2. 4
  3. 6

    Ace Ocean

    So now this white man built def jam 🤔

  4. 7

    Wade Williams

    could'nt fit an ace of spades in the crowd …ok

  5. 8


    This man is a snake. So good with his words but you can see still sense the evil.

  6. 9

    That Mothafuckin Dude

    All you have to do to be successful in the music business is be Jewish. And if you are black and wanna be as successful as Jay Z then all u have to do is take Jewish dick in the ass. If you are Hispanic, don't worry they don't want u apart of it anyways

  7. 10

    martin stanley

    this guy gives money to isis don't let him kid you all

  8. 12

    trapboiiQue beats

    How lyor cohen and other jews destroyed hip hop

  9. 13

    Tone B

    Don’t trust the Jews in the music Industry.
    They killed Michael Jackson, Prince, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cochran etc…
    I’m not being negative but they murder their way to the top with hate and goons.

  10. 14

    phil s

    you skipped a big ass step Noah . how did he go from throwing a party to working at a label?

  11. 15


    Behind any succeful company, there always has to be a Jew..

  12. 16
  13. 17

    Hernan Cortes

    I feel like signing to a label depends on circumstance. Sometimes artists have dope product however the exposure and support is not there. It doesn't seem like a bad idea if you never had the independent wave going and you need some exposure. Nothing is forever, pay some dues.

  14. 18

    Gary Bryan Dobbs

    Lyor Cohen is not a Liar at all… what an astounding TREP! I'll be reviewing this interview on the TREP Show today in hopes to help the next enTREPreneur that becomes a billion dollar business founder. Find EPs at thetrepshow dot com THX Complex for producing such a quality piece of journalism

  15. 19

    Wain DY

    Africa unites ( Bob Marley )

  16. 23

    Frank Castle

    Dame Dash is better. Russell Simmons Built Def Jam. Free Palestine.

  17. 24

    Will Willl

    🎤📲Tap the picture I need you to share an watch my music Video Will Will – Hop on the boat 🚤🌊https://youtu.be/KT1o5ARi2Ec

  18. 27


    How a white guy made tons of money out of blacks, NICE

  19. 28


    Russell built defjam. Know that. Lyor came & destroyed it

  20. 29


    Dame dash was right about this punk jew

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