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  1. 1

    Dinosaur, Giraffes And less MORE!!!!!

    I know it is good. But the problem is:
    Too many iPhones are being released
    There is no Home Button and Headphone Jack (did they remove the charging jack?)
    Too expensive

    If the phone had a Homebutton, Headphone jack, and was less expensive… Then I would buy it

  2. 2


    Can’t wait to get my hands on this anniversary issue. Looks alone is absolutely stunning and very stylish indeed. Hopefully all the cutting edge technology will deliver as promised though. We shall soon see.

  3. 3


    I so want that phone it lookes so beautiful 😗🤤😢😲

  4. 4

    hampton sun

    Have anyone noticed the red/pink blink in the notch?????

  5. 5

    Apple Tech

    You idiot do you know anything the A11 bionic chip

  6. 7

    AP Motivates

    Vexed verve raceway deadwood crazy

  7. 8

    Debra Dukes

    Wow really looks Beautiful and definitely looking to see more.And the person who just commented that the display looks absolutely gorgeous I have to agree.It Does.Thanks for sharing Deb ✌️👍

  8. 9

    Phoopa Ruengnirundon

    Is it me or is this guy bullshitting everything? "Best resolution on any phone" yet sony has an actual 4k smartphone.

  9. 10

    Bond Kim

    'Animoji using FaceID utilizes cameras on back'?? (Does the sentence make any sense at all)

  10. 12

    Syed Alam

    Which color did you like upfront?

  11. 13


    "Highest resolution on any other product", false.

  12. 14

    Josh Schoof

    Pretty sure the face recognition functionality is not made possible by… the rear facing cameras.

  13. 15

    Apple Tech

    Everyone is complaining about the price but no one talks about the 950 $ note 8

  14. 16

    Patrick L

    This is going to be a "top-notch" phone.

  15. 17

    Shamar Coke

    I just want my baby iPhone X come home to me please

  16. 18

    Jan-Mikail Aslar

    But the Essential phone has some bezel on the bottom ☝🏼

  17. 19


    I´m so gonna buy the iPhone Ten or X whatever u wanna call it!!!!!!

  18. 20

    Ty Lxrd

    Awesome video just made a review about the iPhone X go check it out thx https://youtu.be/NxYJkh2QB5I

  19. 23

    Abhishek Gaurav

    It doesn't have highest resolution of any smartphone

  20. 24
  21. 25
  22. 26

    Camilo Rodas

    I don't know why people is complaining about the cut on the top of the new iPhone X screen, i haven't use it because obviously Apple didn't invite me to the presentation but i really think that once you start using it you'll adapt to it. And another thing is the people complaining for the absence of the home button, and all I have to say is that the iPad for example has the home button, but I don't really use it that much because there are gestures that simplify the actions that will take me one or two clicks on the home button.

  23. 27

    Duane Wilson

    I can't wait to be a talking piece of 💩!!!

  24. 28

    JPBD 1990

    Some of the statements in this video are just downright lies. The rear camera doesn't do a "tonne more depth sensing". Or at least Apple didn't mention anything to that effect on stage.

  25. 30

    Pigeon Productions

    Wow! Look at the top notch when it is doing portrait and animojis, the camera picks up the infrared dots.

  26. 31

    Scott D

    It has a uni brow and a hump back. Should be called the iPhone "Q" Q for Quasimodo 😂

  27. 32

    Susan S

    Apple has fully embraced their biggest fans: spoiled preteens. Who else would care about those emojis? Emojis are nice, but not a selling point

  28. 35


    Wait, but what if you have a twin or someone who looks like you? They could unlock the phone, too, right?

  29. 36

    Jay Alford

    The "notch" is seriously not that bad looking. I really think some people are just trying to not like it & that's the only so-called fault that they see. I mean it may not be COMPLETELY bezel-less like the Essential Phone (let's not forget it's cyclops notch), but in terms of engineering, Apple did what they intended to do & that was give customers as much screen usage/visibility as possible. But wait, the speaker/camera/sensors HAD to go SOMEWHERE. Right?! Honestly, the more you use it, the more you won't even begin to notice that notch. I can almost guarantee you that in the future, other smartphone companies will divert to the same screen style. If you really think about it, what they did IS innovative.

  30. 37

    Robert Bramble

    This guy is lying to himself the screen is not the best there is or has the best dpi

  31. 38


    I’d rather spend $1000 dollars on supreme…

  32. 39

    Derp Gg

    Being a Samsung user, the new 3d facial tech is really advanced. Other than that I don't see much different. Still really cool, but you need to add that fingerprint scanner back since some people wanna use that.

  33. 40


    Hey Guys ! Please Watch my video about iphone 8 , iphone 8 plus and iPhone X review.

  34. 41

    Dasa Srilanka

    නියම පෝන් එකක් ඒ උනත් මේකෙ ඇතුලේ තියෙන ගර්භය දුක් දෝමනස් වලින් බලාපොරොත්තු කඩවීම්වලින් අසාධාරණ වලින් ඉච්ඡා භංගත්වයෙන් පිරුණාවූ එහෙත් කොහෙවත් නැති දෙවියකුට කොහෙවත් නැති බ්‍රහ්මයකුට ඔලුව පත් නොකර ශරීරය ද පත් නොකර කකුල් දෙකද පත් නොකර එළඹ සිටි සිහියෙන් යුතුව කෙලින් සිට එක එක පුජකයන්ගේ එක එක කට්ටඩියන්ගේ එක එක පුසාරිලාගේ ඉච්චා බස් වලට නොරැවටී ස්ටීව් ජොබ්ස්නම් ඇපල් කොම්පැනියේ නිර්මාර්තුවරයා මෙන්ම සියලු නිපැයුම් වල පෙරගමන්කරුවානන් පූජස්ථාන ගුබ්බෑයම් වල කාලය කාදමා උපන්ගෙයි කාලකණ්ණියකු නොවි පෙර ආත්ම වල කළා වූ කුසල කර්ම ශක්තිනුත් තමන්ගේ උත්ථානවීර්ය හා එළැඹ සිටි සිහියෙන් යුතුව කටයුතු කර බුදුරජාණන් වහන්සේ දේශනා කර ඇති පරිදි සාර්ථකත්වය ලද බව මෙයින්  මොනවට කියා පානු ඇත.

  35. 44

    Crystal Haze

    So your brother can unlock your phone from now on with Face ID.Thanks APPLE!!!

  36. 46

    Titan Z

    Is no one going to question what screenshots will look like

  37. 47

    Magic Freqency

    0:30 isnt that this one german Youtuber Alexi Bexi?

  38. 48

    Arutyun Avakov

    From all the videos not one person did a size comparison with this phone.

  39. 49

    Carlos Villa Romero

    Good job Apple… you have played the oldest trick in the salesman's book. Create an alternative phone thats more special, more expensive, more exclusive, more "Apple" vs an already outdated looking Iphone 8. That way all the technologically impaired, trend following sheep will have no choice but to pay 1K for a cellphone in order to remain relevant in within their pathetic social circles. It's all about the brand.

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