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  1. 2


    Kinda late with the news but rip jonghyun❤️

  2. 3

    Dean Willie

    this a time where its not fandom vs fandom this week we send condolences to shamols

  3. 6

    Maria I. Castillo

    Goodbye 😥💔😭 rest in peace💔😭 we will miss you.

  4. 7

    Krysten Duhaney

    I'm terrified that this could happen to any of the K-pop groups we love cause on the outside Jonghyun was a ball of sunshine, he was always smiling but it was a real struggle internally. Guys I think this should let you appreciate what you have and the idols you love, don't take them for granted or the work they put in to get to where they are cause one day we might lose them suddenly like this. So people don't spread negativity to other groups cause we are clueless of their pain and we just see what they portray so let's be nice and positive to people even if we are having a hard time. RIP JONGHYUN

  5. 8


    Can we atleast say his name right?

  6. 11


    Bias. I'm actually crying right now

  7. 14

    International Army SO far away

    It hurts so much, Kim Jonghyun I'm sorry I'm really sorry …
    U did so well, a truly legend and a really important role model ! I'll stay strong for u Jonghyun I'll stay strong

    Jinja mianhae Jonghyun ;(

  8. 15

    Dhea Dinar

    Rest in peace my sun💗💗💗

  9. 16

    Dhea Dinar


  10. 18

    Молдир Акылбекова


  11. 19

    Jiminie Kookie


    I feel like it was just yesterday I was laughing at his antics in "Hello Baby"

  12. 20

    pretty a.r.m.y

    I will always love u JONGHYUN


  13. 21

    BTS Army

    Your hard work will always be in our work

  14. 22

    Anime n iARMY-L Aroha Monbebe Myday Carat aesthetic

    My love rest in peace🙏🏻

  15. 23

    Sami Bts trash

    My heart still hurts knowing that it's all true. You did well jonghyun-ah and you've left so many great songs and especially your beautiful voice. Now may you rest in peace without any hurt no more

  16. 24


    종현아…. 고생했고….편히쉬어….다음이 있다면…온전히 너만을 위한 삶을 살아….

  17. 25

    nilla studios

    I barely know him but still
    This is so shocking and sad ;-;
    RIP Jonghyun

  18. 26

    Hala 할라

    Thank u so much billboard for standing beside kpop in their happiness & sadness 😭

  19. 27

    the pink flowers

    Jongheun why do that .I don't believe that .I miss you so much 😭😭😭😭😭
    rest in peace

  20. 28

    Loyal Army #BTSforever#

    its so heartbreakng to kno that "death" was the only option for him …cant imagine how much pain he must hv endured..you will always be in our hearts..may his soul rest in peace😢😢

  21. 29

    ac bangtan's

    Ahhh this breaks my heart 😭💔

  22. 32

    J Ci

    we all are in shock. I am so sorry there was no one to help you Jonghyun

  23. 33

    Chris Chimchim

    My heart hurts so much like you guys don’t understand what I’m going through

  24. 35

    heart breaker

    The saddest thing for me is yesterday my grandma just past away. Im really sad and crying all night. Today, when I saw youtube, i just know jonghyun dead too. I dont know how i should react to this. Hopefully, Im strong enough… 😭😭

  25. 36

    Aseel _kpop_BTS

    No no that's can't be i just knew 😨😭

  26. 37


    My heart hurts too much . please pray for the family … I believe jong hyun Can Feel all the love we have for him and is no longer in pain . Even though you have left us all. you will remain Forever in our hearts . You went through so much and accomplished things that I could only dream of doing . You worked hard and made people happy . We love you , rest easy you precious angel

  27. 38

    Alyson Batt

    I have honestly been crying from the moment I saw it when I woke this morning. I just can't stop. SHINee was one of the first group's I ever listened to. And Jonghyun was my bias in the group from the start. I can't imagine the grief of his family and his group member. Even other idols that looked up to him, or were close to him. I wish his family and all those close to him my condolences. #RIPJonghyun

  28. 39

    tenzing Kuensal

    Rest in peace Jonghyun.
    We will miss u 😖😭

  29. 40

    Taesty Suga

    I've been crying all day and I'm not even a Shinee fan. He deserved better. The world failed him and it hurts to know that this could've been prevented. He's been struggling for a long time and was so open about it yet not much was done. He's felt so alone. He's done well and worked so hard. I hope he doesn't hurt anymore. Rest in piece.

  30. 41

    The statue jin kissed in blood sweat and tears

    Please stay strong Shawols, stay with us. Rest in peace Jonghyun, as much as it breaks my heart, we know you're in a better place now. My eyes have swollen up from crying

  31. 42
  32. 44

    Kandace Powers

    You did well! It's not your fault!
    Doctor, I hope your happy!

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