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The 411 on Blend Master Curt-B. I started DJ’ing back in 1979 with two house turntables and a borrowed mixer .little did I know my neighbor Michael Goodie of (the Infinity machine) already had a professional sound set and was making money with it. One day I saw Mike and Friends rolling the equipment down the street to the park and I said hey Mike you think I could come and hang out, but at 14 years old he had to get permission from my mother who said yes and I never looked back. I already loved music but once I saw them DJ’ing it was a rap. I traveled with Infintiy machine all over party after party after party. Rubbing elbows with R&B and early rap stars I saw acts like Kurtis Blow, Run DMC and the Sugarhill Gang ,salt and Peppa . meanwhile behind the scenes I was doing my own thing like DJ’ing for family and friends school events and family outings. Where did the name Blend Master come from , a close family friend heard one of my mixes and said go blendmaster Go, before that I was known as DJ Ragu but the name stuck . In the past I have made recordings ,tapes and master plates. Using my small home studio . Former group names I was involved with are Dj ragu & MC poke ,Dj Ragu & Dj Chris budd, infinity machine ,Sound experience .presently I am part of majestic sounds from Jamaica New York ,with DJ Junior- I, DJ Mitch and I am Blendmaster Curt-B. We are also affiliated with Masterpiece Sounds jamaica new york with DJ J b 

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