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DJ.Prince The Pro Biography) At the tender age of 7 years old, DJ Prince was mentored in 1980 by the
greatest DJ in South Side Jamaica, the late DJ Kid Fly. DJ Prince the Pro was the youngest DJ in the 1987 Crew,
known as Creative Sounds, hailing from South Side Jamaica, Queens, New York. His crew members and early
influences were DJ Ramale, the late, great DJ Wiz, DJ Nestey and his older sister DJ Shorty.

Prince mastered the art of Cutting, Scratching and mixing blends on vinyl by watching Grand Master Vic, DJ Kid Quik
and DJ Lyvio G. from Sound Experience spin vinyls in Queens park jams.

Honing his craft, he quickly mastered today’s digital DJ equipment and is a skilled craftsman using Serato and Tracktor Scratch software combined with state of the art hardware to complete the ultimate professional
solution for today’s dynamic DJ’s. He not only spins, but he’s performed his songs on NYC stages and sells his original music
on iTunes. He is a masterful producer, beat maker and also a teacher to the fresh crews on the come up.

DJ Prince the Pro is the crowned King of Disco and is now the mentor for a new breed of DJ’s on the music scene.
He can be seen on the internet every night playing to thousands of fans who tune into his internet radio show at
http://www.ustreamtv.com/navadatv or at
http://www.streamup.com/prosecretradio901. The fans love to hear his newest mix or most creative cuts and come back every night to hear more.

When DJ Prince the Pro is not on the internet, he can be found rocking private parties, corporate events and
local clubs where attendees will get up from their seats and onto the dance floor when he spins his unique arrangements
of hip hop, rock, r&b and slow groove sounds.

No party is too big or too small, so if you’re planning a wedding, birthday party or just a backyard BBQ and want
your guests to have the best entertainment for the most affordable price contact DJ Prince the Pro at djprincethepro@gmail.com.

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