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  1. 1

    Ken Ki

    If you want to live stream to YouTube or Facebook & are at an event that doesn't have a a wifi signal would getting the iPad w/ cellular work well?

  2. 2

    Jan Peter van Popta

    Damn easy, but no sales to Europe, so pretty damn useless!

  3. 3


    Does it do full frame 1080p60? I saw on your clip it was set at 30p. Also did you say it can record to a SDXC or Disk with the adapter? How bad is the latency? You should do another test just on that because then it's sort of useless imo because you can never send the talent a spot monitor. You're just basically Free-running a production.

  4. 4

    Sione Puna

    Does this only work with NTSC region cameras or any camera with clean hdmi out?

  5. 5
  6. 6


    Can you swap out batteries in the middle of a stream? What is the battery life of the Wireless Camera connectors? Thanks. Very well done!

  7. 7

    Broken Peanut Media

    Is there an AC power option so you don't have to rely on a batter for a longer stream?

  8. 8

    Smiley's Multimedia

    I heard about Sling Studio first on Twitter, I"m very interested, but I wish they would program the device to work with Android tablets also. I can use my S7 if that's my only option but some of us Android users prefer more real estate to work with also and don't want to by an iPad just to use this.

    Aside from that seems like a good deal, especially with the compatibility with Premiere Pro.

  9. 9


    tito you are a great reviewer, and this video was a fun watch. Excited to see more reviews from you in the future

    Much respek on yo name, family.

    Much respek.

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