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  1. 1

    Chris Hax

    These people are so sheltered. They believe the world is a fairy tale and everything has to be cut and dry. I have seen the result of immigration here in south Florida where my father a master Mason for 40+ years was driven out of his trade by people who work for next to nothing by riding to jobs with 10 people in a van, live in houses with 10+ people, pay no taxes and as a result can work for next to nothing while still sending half their money back to their home country. Is it sad? Yes. Is it ok to give away what makes america great? What if 50 million wanted to come to the US tomorrow, would that be OK too? At that point it would even effect tech jobs and these protesters signs would suddenly read go home. This ship would sink and all the rats would jump off and leave once again to find a better country. Immigration is a problem around the world right now and peoples way of life is being radically altered.

  2. 2

    Rodney Johnston

    The Illegals are to blame not the law enforcement.

  3. 3

    jeffrey dahmere

    as a tech worker I feel sorry for this idiots , president Trump is right on doing what he can to improve the national security and vetting process , when you are removing a virus from an infected computer you don't keep the computer plugged to the internet right

  4. 5


    I'm a tech worker and I think the temporary ban is fine. These people are just making noise.

  5. 6

    Sinlo Kemp

    George Soros funded event! Puppets of George Soros!

  6. 8

    Rob's Page

    Seems so unfair …

    Other Countries worked hard for 1000's of years to get where they are but America works for a measly few hundred years to get where it is. All races, contests, even the Olympics must be unfair; to have not had those doing well run back to the end of the Line and carry the less fortunate on their backs.

    So are we sending them money and our Jobs, then buying the stuff back from them OR do we entice them to leave their home and join the unemployed here.

    Things were better (maybe for many foreigners also) 30 years ago, except for one particular group (here) who have only recently been given a voice (even a seat in the 'Big Chair').

    The 'Ban' is a bit of overreaction, but OUR Schools do not teach our children hate; or that only our way is correct and to rid the World of the rest.

    The argument that some have gotten away with breaking the Law for a long time and thus should not only be welcomed but given Citizenship too is a hard sell – You protest 'Let Joachim go' but that's not going to happen (without World Class Tunnelling skills – which you seek to import).

    Your Freedom is now challenged with something even more important – the Undecided Gender; one minute they can enter the Men's Washroom and the next minute it is OK to enter the Woman's Washroom (and no need to change clothes in between).

    It's like the Right to bear Machine Pistols (or teach children to use them), how's that working for you …

    Do we want a Dictatorship run by one person or by everyone who has a voice.

    The guy follows through and you're upset, why did you (or didn't you) raise this concern prior to the Election – one chance for him, two for you.

  7. 9

    Wormhole Times

    Obama: "You can now come out of the shadows"
    Trump: "Thanks Obama, now I know where they live!"

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