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  1. 1

    Black Desert

    no wonder every company sucking israels cock even Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, everything is from Jews!!

  2. 2


    Tito I don't know if you see this but I do the same stuff at work to distract others from working. Can we be friends?

  3. 3

    Paul Robert

    It's not too much, especially if your main target market is little young kids.

  4. 4

    Malek Ubuntu

    y'all realize that it is WSJ who is pushing hard on this, right? Rupert Murdoch, conservatives? This has nothing to do with the left or PC culture, or SJW.

  5. 6


    i dont understand Pewdie pie hasnt been banned youtube, he made enough money last year to last him lifetimes. after getting a certain bare minimum people dont do stuff cos others want them to, i doubt pewdie pie would change his habits unless ofcourse he really wants to be associated with disney and youtube & has to make jew friendly content for that. I mean even if they dont give him ad $ he still can make free videos for life. Right?

  6. 9

    Brandon Baisas

    Nice news update. Keep it up! Subscribed!

  7. 10


    Liked just because of the goofing around at the end there, refreshing !

  8. 11

    Sinlo Kemp

    PC is killing entertainment and comedy! Leftist is going taliban.

  9. 12

    151551664345 1468

    Nd what does that have to do with tech

  10. 13


    People need to get a sense of humor, either way pewdiepie will end up with more subs than before this. People are tired of PC bullshit.

  11. 14

    John Han

    lol omg.. best intro yet Tito…..

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